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Partners Program

Hey! You with the gorgeous face! Are you interested in teaming up with us & spreading the love of MEKOKEMEKO?


We love collaborating with like-minded people who share our vision of spreading cuteness and helping others feel better about themselves. If you’re interested, keep reading! If not, keep reading anyway!


If you partner with us we’ll send you a FREE product of ours or even a free package, depending on the demographic and content of your channel. Did I mention it is completely free? You’ll also be given your own promo code. The code can be for a number of things; Free shipping, 30% off, BOGO, etc.

Partner Program Requirements:

Following Mekokemeko on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instragram



10,000+ Followers



10,000+ Subscribers

1,000+ View Average per video



10,000+ Followers




If you’re still interested, and let’s be honest, you totally are, fill out the form below with your Social Media Page included and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


Don’t get discouraged if you don’t meet the requirements or you’re 1,000 followers short, send an email anyway. We’ll still read it because everyone deserves a chance to be heard! ♡

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